Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Price on Dreams

Another 100 word story.

Playing the catch up game again.  Exams and work, the life of a working student.  Will update everyone on things after I get some much needed sleep after finishing up a paper.


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02/10/2014 (Monday)- The Price on Dreams

               “It’s a bit much isn’t it?”

               I think it fair, said Calico.  A jar of distilled smoky dreams between us, for a steal, or so the cat said, his star-lit yellow eyes blinking slowly behind a fur covered poker face. 

               “For a jar?  You couldn’t give me more?” 

               Greedy doesn’t look good on you. 

               “You wear cheap well.” 

               Now you’re just being unnecessarily petty.

               “Lower the price for the jar then?”  My hands itching to open the jar, to drown in dreams and forget a life outside my door, howling winds banging against it.

               Alright, two cans of tuna.