Friday, February 14, 2014

All the Little Lights

Another 100 word story.

Pretty much came up as I was fixing a part of the roof the other night as I stood looking up at the stars in the sky, feeling small under their light.


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02/12/2014 (Wednesday)-  All the Little Lights

               Standing in an empty field on a hot summer night, I find myself surrounded by fireflies their tiny lights closer to me than the stringed stars in the sky. 

               They danced their soft glowing waltz searching for the meaning of life in the darkness, a dip here a dip there, looking for answers as they burned their short lives away.
               Time too short to find any real gods to hear their little prayer dance.
               Their little lives around me began to flicker, dying out like candles.
               Leaving me alone in the field, with the stars in the sky.

               Feeling small.