Saturday, February 15, 2014

No Refund

Another 100 word story.

Been getting spam mail online as well as trashy mail from car dealerships asking if I'm ready to upgrade my car for a brand new one.  I'm too happy with it to part with it, and even if I do have money to get a new one I'd probably spend it to upgrade my baby.


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02/13/2014 (Thursday)- No Refund

               I put my human heart aside, deciding it was time to upgrade for a mechanical one to protect myself from false love and real fears.

               The gears and pumps in their new bronze and black plastic shine took my breath away, so I traded in my lungs for better ones.  The filters for the plastic bag lungs sold separate.  Another penny out of pocket. 

               After the bill for the parts I realized I needed to sell something more valuable, something non-biodegradable, something hard to part.

               So I called the dealer down in Hell, sold my soul and called it quits.