Sunday, February 16, 2014

An Old Flame

Another 100 word story.

I spent Valentine's by myself, well, no, I pretty much drove my grandparents around for their V day date.  Which is sweet according to some people, but really, it was just sad as I spent the time reflecting on past flames and wondering how they're doing now.


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02/14/2014 (Friday)- An Old Flame

My heart was stolen at first sight,
               a flame keeping me up at night
               a flame I could not control.

So I gave her a piece of me,
               a small share of my heart
               a small part of my life.

I gave her more of it,
               believing it would keep her
               believing she would be mine.

But you can never keep a flame,
               it burned a light not just for one
               it burned the pieces that I gave.

My heart drowned in flames,
ever since it kept all the blood for itself
ever since she kept all the little pieces.