Monday, February 3, 2014

Just Between Us

Another 100 word story.

Since this is a month of love, I thought I'd reflect and share some past experiences (names not mentioned of course to protect them, hahaha).

I have a feeling everyone has been through this kind of situation.


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02/03/2014 (Monday)- Just Between Us

               She called just a little past midnight, on a school night, crying. 

               “Were you sleeping?” she asked through broken tears. 

               No, of course not, I lied.  What’s the matter?

               She couldn’t speak as tears took her over, as her broken heart started choking her, I sat silent on my end.  She had found out what we her friends already knew but couldn’t tell her.  

               She didn’t hear my heart-breaking as I listened to her crying for someone that wasn’t worth her tears.

               She didn’t know that I loved her, as she told me how much she loved a cheating man.