Friday, February 7, 2014

Little Boy Blue

Another 100 word story.

I got a picture from a cousin with no caption, apparently it was someone's birthday picture and I'm still waiting for her to tell me who's birthday we were celebrating.  I remember seeing this picture a long time ago when it wasn't this badly faded and yellow, but I was surprised that the blue tints were still very blue compared to the rest of the colors.

Thought it would be a nice story about how we age and can't stop it, and damn it I'm too young to not remember this moment.


*picture is actually a family picture.  I'll let you figure out which Asian is me.  (Hint:  NOT female)

02/06/2014 (Thursday)- Little Boy blue

               We lined ourselves against the wall screaming, crying, laughing, icing from the cake on our chins, the taste of helium lingering on our lips as we chittered away in chipmunk voices for the birthday picture. 

               I don’t remember which cousin’s birthday we were celebrating, was it the boy, Mark?  Mandy? 

               I stared at the blue balloon thinking it would give me an answer to a fading memory.  A moment trapped perfectly on film, a day I find slipping away as the years pass by.  The picture reminding me as it yellows with age.

               Only the blue balloon will stay blue.