Friday, February 7, 2014

Just a Lonely Widow

Another 100 word story.

This came up because a friend gave me an idea... well first she asked, "Why are you writing sappy love stories?"  and then mentioned she liked the stories that left her unhinged, then asked me to do something about a black widow.

Well...  I think I made her happy with this.  Hopefully.


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02/07/2014 (Friday)- Just a Lonely Widow

               ‘Will you walk with me?’ said the woman in black
               as she led me away with a smile, ‘No turning back…’
               up winding stairs we went climbing to the stars
               Where are we going?  ‘To a place where I can steal your heart.’

               I tried to pull back having been burnt by love:  once, twice, too many times
               but her slim hands held me fast, like sand running out of time.
               she kissed me hard, cold red lips, her poison entering my heart…

               I’m not sure, what would your husband think?
               ‘Oh, didn’t you know?  I’m just a lonely widow.’