Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cat Years

Another 100 word story.

Stayed up late wondering what I'd do for my birthday story, figured the best way to celebrate it would be with one of my favorite go to characters:  Calico.

Yup.  February 8.  Birthday.  I should be feeling older and wiser, sadly I still feel the same, wandering around still trying to find my voice and to get better at writing each day, well, as much as I can.   My only plans for today is to celebrate with family and friends, and to have a good time at a local Doctor Who Event to meet up with some fellow Whovians.  I figured I'd try new things this year.


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02/08/2014 (Saturday) Cat Years

               I woke to find Calico peeking over my bedside, wearing an orange party-hat and a cheshire grin on his face.

               Happy Birthday, I got you a gift, his toothy grin hinting at half-eaten stories, scratched-up words, or maybe even a dead mouse, again.

               I peeked over the edge to find a cake studded with lit candles on the floor by my bed, a nightmarish sugarcoated fire-hazard on the floor right by my bed.

               “Um… how many candles is that?”

               About 145, why? 

               “That’s too many.  How old do you think I am?”

               Mmm… I’ve been counting in cat years again.