Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Comic Book Day

Another 100 word story.

Been going through some stacks of comic books I've collected studying their inking and styles (my sinful addiction), and then watching on youtube their photoshop/comic studio digital art techniques.  I'm a corel studio user (beginner) and learning bit by bit when I can, and it simply blows my mind some of the stuff people can do so easily.  It's actually really exciting to learn by watching them.

Enjoy this little story dedicated to all the other artists out there, be they comic or not.

*picture is originally from http://onlyoldphotography.tumblr.com/post/32453027992/andre-kertesz-boy-reading-comics-on-the-street-of

02/16/2014 (Sunday)- Comic Book Day

               I’ve been reading comics, by reading I mean looking at the pictures and letting the words fade away.  Like they said, a picture paints a thousand words, and in a really good comic one can get the gist of the story and the depth of the characters without reading any words. 

               Everything happens between the lines in their lives. 

               Bill Watterson, Mike Krahulik, Adachi Mitsuru, Takahasi Rumiko, Pol Medina Jr., Scott Adams… my list of amazing comic artists goes around the block. 

               It’s a mix of different races, different styles.

               Between the lines all languages are one:

               Good Art speaks.