Thursday, February 20, 2014

One Last Gift

Another 100 word story.

Still catching up with projects, and exams.  Will be posting up more today when I can, if I can edit them enough to keep me happy.

Until then, sorry for the late posts and enjoy.

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02/17/2014 (Monday)- One Last Gift

I picked some wild flowers to make into a crown,
they’re unknown names I left unasked.
they’re ephemeral lives I took down,
to grace a headstone from my past.

I made a royal crown borne from flowers wild,
they’re fading bright petals slowly falling.
they’re frozen beauty making her smile,
as the wind sent them dancing, crying.

 I prayed that she’d see them from her cloud up high,
as she played among the angels,
as petals from the crown flew up to the sky,
one last love note, one last written page.

To a chapter I’m not ready to close.