Saturday, January 18, 2014

Trying to Break-in Writing

Another 100 word story.  This is Friday's story.

This pretty much came about with my reflection that I wish I had started this a little earlier in life, but due to Asian parent upbringing I came about writing at a later stage in life.  I'm finding a lot of things that I need to improve on, and finding that I'm cramming in as much practice as I can on the days I'm not working.

Practice?  Well... practice like this 100 word story thing-a-majigger, sending in stories for submission to different journals, joining little contests like the ones on Writer's Digest, and well... basically just telling stories for fun with friends.  That kind of practice.

Most of the stuff I've done is hit or miss, I still can't tell which would be a hit or not.  The funny thing is the ones I usually feel would be well-received actually do mediocre while the ones I really don't put in as much effort actually takes off better.  I'm still wrapping my head around that.  Will get back to you when I've figured that out.


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01/17/2014 (Friday)- Trying to Break-in Writing

               When I was a boy, I was told to stop dreaming, yet at the same time to shoot for the stars. 

               That doesn’t make sense, I said, for which I got spanked for talking back.

               Be a doctor, be a lawyer, be a scientist. 

               Be any of those things. 

               Just don’t be what you want. 

               That’s what I picked up as a child. 

               As a young man I found that too many doors were closed off due to that ingrained perception.  A fixed path.

               Now that I’ve indulged in the sweetness of it.

               I’m trying to break-in through the windows.