Friday, January 17, 2014

The Latest Drug

Another 100 word story.  Sorry if the story was late, I spent the day sleeping as I was up brainstorming a story with a few friends.

This story... well... I hate to say it but I do this a lot where I spend hours surfing the net intending to do something productive but end up checking out my either my google+ or facebook account, and then lose myself liking (+1-ing) pictures/statuses/posts that my friends put up.  It's healthy when done in moderation, and if you're still able to function and perform as normal.

Normal for me being:  sleep, eat, work, and then eventually die like everyone else.


*picture is originally from

01/16/2014 (Thursday)- The Latest Drug

               I sat through the day in my locked room. 

               Connected to the world through wires transmitting my electronic thoughts and hashtag smiley faces—my need for human interaction fed via a WiFi drip. 

               I heard someone knocking earlier at my door, but chose to ignore it as I sought my daily sustenance of digital bread:  liking pictures, liking statuses, liking everyone but myself.  That would be just vain and narcissistic if you liked yourself, right?  Right.

               I heard someone whispering if I was alright, but chose to keep quiet as I lost my sense of individuality. 

               Liking everyone but myself.