Monday, January 6, 2014

This is How I Lost my First Love

Another 100 word story.  Going off to bed now.

Well...  I don't know what to say here.  This pretty much came out as I was going through some old pictures, and we'll leave it at that and stay special internet friends.

Good night/morning.


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01/06/2014 (Monday)- This is How I Lost my First Love

               It’s not that I took her for granted.  It’s not that I lied or cheated—after all we were too young to see past the other, too na├»ve to lie about love forever. 

               It’s that we grew up separately. 

                                             She did. 

                              I didn’t. 

               I watched her grow out from childhood games, from shy smiles, and holding hands.  She became a woman overnight; found another who could guide her, teach her, and love her. 

               Does it hurt?  Fuck.  Yes. 

               I don’t hold anything against her. 

               I just hope that one day

I’ll grow up


               …and hold fast to slipping hands.