Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sampaguita Go Home

Another extra 100 word story.

I came home smelling jasmine in the house and noticed a garland of sampaguita (white jasmine) that my mother bought from the Filipino Grocery store.  It brought back memories of the Philippines, but it also reminded me of the street children selling them.

I would buy a garland for them whenever I went home from college (if I had the change) back then.  The worst part is when I'd see them walking the streets still trying to sell them at 3 in the morning to drunkards (like me) making their way home.

Enjoy this little reflection.

*picture is originally from http://p0ks.deviantart.com/art/sampaguita-girl-181618845

Sampaguita Go Home

               she sells white-petal innocence on the street,
               a garland of jasmine
               made from tears,
               and blood-tired fingers.
                                                                           in fright
                              of the man who drinks it a-way,
               & beats her in the night.


               WE choose what WE see 
               the dirty face.
               torn clothes too big,
               the stink of the city,
                              black stains,
                              street child,
                              not our problem.
                                             --blame your parents.
                                                            not us
                                                            not us

                              after all. 

               WE’ve done our share- giving money to church
                              attending church.
               WE’re good people. 
               WE’re not interested. 

                              she walks the streets all night 
                              too scared to go home
                                                            her white-petal innocence not all sold.