Monday, January 6, 2014

Just in Case

Another extra 100 word story.

I actually did fill up a living will.  Just because my parents were worried about what my wants/desires would be in case I ever became stuck to a machine with no way to respond.

I basically told them: "That machine better be a T-800 body with the outer physical coating of a Mr. Olympia."  (Terminator reference for those not in the know)

This story pretty much came out from filling that form.


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 Just in Case

               I wrote a living will for my family. 

               In it I asked them to cremate my body and to mix the ashes with the soil.  To leave a part of me in America:  my adopted country feeding me experience, joys, and pain—while paying rent.

               I begged them... 

               Take my heart back to the Philippines.  I don’t care in what form or shape:  whole, cremated, or pickled (God forbid they actually do this).  Back to my childhood home, and family.

               Though I may be far from the ones I love. 

               My heart belongs to them in life, and in death.