Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mateo Returning Home

Another 100 word story.

I wanted to do one about Overseas Filipino Workers who usually return home after working abroad for so many years, come back as strangers to family and friends.  I guess in a way, I might suffer that same situation as I have been gone about four years and will be returning home middle of the year for vacation.  The only connection I have with people back home are pictures on Facebook, and hearing their voices at midnight (noon for them) as they tell me what's been going on.  Honestly, hearing their voices makes my month so much better.

I don't think my return trip home won't be as awkward as the one for this character, but I wanted to explore that sensation and feeling.  I hope I was able to capture it.


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01/25/2014 (Saturday)- Mateo Returning Home

               The car bumps along the pock-marked road, potholes and the daily obstacles of human traffic slowing them to a crawl. 

               A familiar sensation.  One he still remembers. 

               There are more buildings, fewer farms.  He sees more street children selling anything from garlands of jasmine to cigarettes by the stick. 

               Unfamiliar faces with hard curious stares peeking out through windows covered by corrugated metal bars, familiar ones both happy to see him and wondering why he came back. 

Their smiles appearing just short from being rude.

At least the street children came up to him smiling, they could smell the dollars.