Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Comfort of a Cat

Another 100 word story.

Took the original story I saved from Thursday and turned it on it's head, it was going to be another Calico story (a very different one compared to this).  Some things you just really can't control and have to learn to let go.  My characters know myself better than I do right now, so I'll let them talk it out between themselves and trust that they'll know how to handle things from here.  I simply let the reins go with this piece, and let them do all the talking.


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01/24/2014 (Friday)- The Comfort of a Calico Cat

Calico came to visit, as usual, for milk and words. 

               You don’t look well, said Calico.  You look like hell.

               “Long story.”  Trying to wipe my frustration between word-tired hands, masking my sadness with a small smile.  “How’s the milk?”

               Awful.  You bought the wrong brand again.  Now, tell me.  What’s the matter?

               “Picasso once said, ‘Questions tempt you to tell lies.’”

               You’re a writer.  Every story is a lie. 



               “Ok, how about history?”

               Written by the victors, buried with the losers.  Now.  What’s the matter?

               “Nothing.  I’m fine.  I’m ok.  I’m fine.”

               Hmmm… you are a writer.