Monday, January 27, 2014

One for the Road

Another 100 word story.

Hmm... don't know what I can say where this story came from.  It was a pretty normal day of eating pizza, and playing Pathfinder with friends and building up stories with them.  So not sure where this gritty tone came from.  Could be something nagging at the back of my head trying to get out.


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01/26/2014 (Sunday)- One for the Road

I never go to bars just for the drinks. 

I come for life: the watching, hearing, smelling, tasting of it. 

Watching bums slink in, dirty money from the days begging, looking to forget today trying to get back to yesterday and easier days. 

Hearing a cheap no-name band play my request, “The Horse With No Name.” I love it.  Irony.  A swell thing to mix in your rum and coke. 

               Smelling the stink of spirits mixing with cigarette smoke and dirty glass dreams.

               Tasting pity in the air as the bartender wipes down the table,

               watching us bums waste away.