Thursday, January 9, 2014

Go With the Flow

Another extra 100 word story.

I figured I'd take the advice of a friend and write what I want believing that I had only a few months to live.  What topics would I write and focus on?  What kind of stories do I want to leave behind?

That's basically how this story came about.


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Go With the Flow

               I stand in a sea of grey marching faces. 

               Our uniform heads bowed down, too tired by daily burdens to raise them in admiration to the simple, quiet beauty of our stars.  Our minds oversaturated by spam-hate and racial-drivel, becoming closed and narrow as the world becomes more and more connected each day. 

               We advance on this unchanging linear-path, with our unchanging behaviors and attitudes.  We believe that the outcome will be different than what it truly will be.

               I check the time on my watch, and get back in line.

               Marching to the tick-tocks of our personal finite clocks.