Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Curious Children

Another 100 word story for all of you.  I was thinking purely of just little boys, but then I figured as I was halfway of finished that little girls do actually do this too... and from experience have been the ones to suggest that I touch the wet paint to check if it really is wet.


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01/08/2014 (Wednesday)- Curious Children

               Every little boy and girl feels this urge.

               To run through deep, dark forests of discounted clothes as their mother chases after them.  To climb the highest mountain for the treasured cookie jar—to spoil a dinner filled with green yucky-stuff.  To touch wet paint just to see if it really is wet.    

               Jump off trees, maybe roofs, with the safety of an umbrella. 

               Catch frogs.  Pull cat tails.  Chase dragonflies.  Tease dogs. 

               How hot really is that boiling pot?

               What’s in the oven? 

               Why do they do this?

               Because they know they’ll get hugs and kisses when they cry.