Sunday, January 5, 2014

Flow my Tears, as Deckard Dials a Mood

Another 100 word story, an extra one.

This one came about as I got hooked to this TV series called "The Prophets of Science Fiction."  I just finished episode 2 tonight which was all about Philip K. Dick, which I enjoyed thoroughly since I'm currently reading the book that inspired the movie Bladerunner (one of my all time favs), "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"  Another contributing factor is... I'm having a hard time sleeping.  Hahaha!

It's my first book of Philip K. Dick that I'm reading and I can't wait to get hooked into his writing and worlds.


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Flow my Tears, as Deckard Dials a Mood

               There are times when I find myself blanking out.

               It happens usually when I wake in the middle of the night: was I about to sleep?  Get up? 

               Where is my electric sheep?

               Then I stare at the ceiling tracing back time.  Connecting dots… connecting memories… looking for something familiar, something, anything I can hold on to. 

               The ticks of the clock echo in the dark silent room. 

               I hold on to the sound. 

               The only real thing I can sense from my cocoon of wool and bed.

               I hold on to it. 

               Fighting for sleep. 

               Looking for an escape.