Saturday, January 4, 2014

Calico Writing Advice

Another 100 word story.  This came about as I was going over old stories again and checking how they've changed compared to their original drafts that I have saved.

It's different for some where I do some big obvious changes: word choices, length, layout and flow.  For some there are little to no changes at all.  And I've been wondering if it was the right choice to edit the big obvious ones, or would they have been just as enjoyable if I hadn't edited them?

I'm back on track in regards to the Brother's Keeper series, should end in a few more posts.  I'm still looking for that poem in regards to the new challenge put up for the Writer's Gallery, hopefully I'll find it soon.  After that I'll be finishing up a photo story challenge (hopefully in time).  Then finishing up an outline for a collaboration project with a friend.  Lastly final edits on a story challenge from +Linda Maree Malcolm!  Hahaha, I'll be busy writing the next few days.  Hoping I get another nice long series of days off again.


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01/04/2014 (Saturday)- Calico Writing Advice

               I watch Calico play in my pile of chopped up words and mismatched letters, as I take a break from editing old stories. 

               “You’re too old for that,” I said placing his bowl of milk on the floor. 

               He stops playing, runs up to the bowl of milk:  And you, kind sir, have no imagination. 

               “I know.  It’s why I do these little stories, and writing exercises.”

               That’s that.  This is this, he licks the milk from his paws.  You’ve missed a few good stories in that pile of discarded fiction. 

               Think outside the box, but still play inside it.