Sunday, January 5, 2014

Brother's Keeper: Dancing Silhoutte

The end is near for the Gravedigger and the Doctor.  

Will the Gravedigger finally have the redemption that he's been searching for so long?  

Will the Doctor finally achieve his goal of bringing the dead back to life?  

... and gosh darn it will I finally be able to sleep before 6 a.m.?!  


20 Gravedigger: Dancing Silhouette

               I watch in horror as the body jerks from each electric-strike from the sky, limbs shaking, a puppet-silhouette dancing far above our heads.  A marionette held by strings of lightning.

               Hot tears sting my eyes, as I keep them open through each terrible jagged flash of light. 

Through the warm feelings of hope, through the joy of finally finding an end—I feel a strange alien sensation rising, like a cold dead snake.

               Through the deafening sounds of rumbling-thunder and the Doctor’s demoniac cries. 

               I hear my brother moan.

               I know now the name of that cold dead snake.