Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Day

Another 100 word storytelling.  It's actually really cold right now for some weird reason, woke up to a gray cloud day and a bit of rain.

I plan on just sleeping and recuperating.  Had way too much fun with family and friends.  Even got to wear a fez all night long.  Will be putting up extra stories later today... after I decide to get up and wake up (properly).

I'm heading back to my safe, warm cocoon.

Enjoy this story.

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01/01/2014 (Wednesday)- First Day

It was the day after a night of thundering fireworks, cheers, drinks, and last-minute kisses. 

A night celebrating the end of another chapter, and the first few words of the next—a story to be filled meaningfully by what we choose to put-in, and weighted by actions and words we decide to put-out, be they good or bad. 

God, please make them good. 
Words and Days.

I wake to a new day, the first day, my next chapter. 

I wake remembering the night of thunder, laughter, family, and greeting friends.

               I stand-up from the mess and make my way home.