Thursday, January 2, 2014

She Sang of Resolutions

Another 100 word storytelling.  I realized going through my December stories it felt a little weird being so serious at a time of holiday happiness.  I sort of realized that I didn't have a Christmas theme, and that I basically carried over some of my November reflections (with a little more drink).  

Well.  Being the start of a new year, I figured I'd try to focus on stories that featured change and resolutions... and... well... try to be a little more cheerful minus the alcohol.  


01/02/2014 (Thursday)- She Sang of Resolutions

               I wake to a bluebird singing just outside my window. 

               A new year song: of change, of life, of beginnings.

               It’s trilling song filling the air pulling the gray sky curtain aside and letting the sunshine in.  Her lilting notes coming from afar, real and sure like a silver evening star leaving in the dawn-light with packed-up dreams of faith and hope.  A gift wrapped up tight.

               She hops from side to side with each little do-re-mi, leaps on high notes like a blue-feathered dancer flying away.

Leaving an echo of her song… 

…that this year, everything will be alright.