Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Year Tradition

Another 100 word story, an extra story, what better way to celebrate my resolution to write more than to put up an extra story?  (my way of saying sorry as well to people who had to suffer my late story posts and my being sick a few weeks back)

I'm done placing coins in every corner of the house, so I thought I'd sit down and see if I could type something out and this pretty much came out.

Yes.  I see drinking in the near future for me as I celebrate New Years Eve with my family here in Florida.  :)
God bless to everyone who has dropped in and enjoyed reading my stories, even the very few who haven't enjoyed some.

I did make a promise earlier in the year to do something special, well...

I'll be putting up a collection of my 100 word stories on Amazon very soon (will pick only the ones with the most likes and views).  It'll be on sale for just 0.99 to make it something affordable and all proceeds will go to Red Cross, especially Red Cross Philippines since it'll take a while for the people in Tacloban to get back on their feet after Super Storm Haiyan.  

I started this blog in the middle of the year.  Met some awesome people along the way that have supported, and enjoyed my writing.  I thought it only fair that I give as much back.

Thank you.

Now I'm off to get some grown up superstitions, aka liquor.


*picture is originally from a friend of mine.  A night out drinking with friends from the Philippines who I sorely miss.  Yes.  I always make that kind of face while drinking, with a tipsy friend draped on the shoulder, and someone about to take a pic.  Happy New YEAR!

A New Year Tradition

Place coins at every corner of the house for prosperity. 

Fourteen grapes in a glass bowl for another fruitful year of success.

Open all the doors, windows, to chase the bad spirits out with firecrackers, blowing of horns, and beating of pots—the louder, the better. 

Jumping at the stroke of midnight to grow taller. 

These were all good and fun to do when I was younger. 

I much prefer the more grown up superstitious practice of bringing good spirits in:  drink beer, wine, and anything with an alcoholic percentage (minus the cleaning ones). 

Then wake-up with a clean slate.