Saturday, January 4, 2014

Brother's Keeper: Falsus Vita

The continuation of the Brother's Keeper series, originally we ended it at 18 unsure where to go from there.  Since my friend has stopped writing as well at that time he asked me to go ahead and continue it from this point as it was originally my story.  I sent it to him first for his approval, since in my head he is the Doctor in this series of 100 word stories.  I'm hoping I was able to channel and capture his character properly.  

Don't worry.  I won't be dragging this series out much longer.  It'll end very soon.  Until then.  Thank you for the positive comments and criticisms for this series.  


19 Doctor:  Falsus Vita

               I hear the crackling blue-laughter of lightning. 

It is time.

I bid Ygör to raise my latest creation to the raging storm.  My finest creation.  My first step into godhood.  My child. 

I recall the jeers and ridicule that I suffered from colleagues and professors, calling my quest foolish.  Calling me insane.  Delusional.  Absurd.  Mad

Maybe I am.

Standing on a stone stepped precipice below the black clouded face of an angry god, as he looks for the thief who stole his immortal secrets. 

Unlike Prometheus, this secret is mine alone. 

I scream against his thunder:

“Live!  Damn you!  Live!”