Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hello Spring, Hello Summer, Hello my First Love

Another 100 word storytelling.  Spring time in the air and I remember the loves I've had and lost.  

An extra story for all you lovely people.  Flexing my creativity muscle.  Hope you enjoy this little trip to nostalgia.  

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Hello Spring, Hello Summer, Hello my First Love

               “Look,” she said as she showed me her knee, “fell off my bike.  No hands.”  She smiled that smile which made me all gooey and flustered.  A gapped-tooth kind of grin. 

               “Well,” showing her my elbow, “this I got scoring a touchdown yesterday.”

               “Didn’t you lose the game?”

               “I don’t remember.”

               We hear her mother calling her in for dinner as our sunshine went away, dayfly wings fading.

               “I’ve got to go.”

               I kicked the dirt in response:  “I know.”

               She kissed me on the cheek.

I watched her leave.

               My first and last kiss from an old summer flame.