Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Water Flowers

A 100 word poem (sorta poem).  Not part of my daily writing project, although I could cheat and say it was... but then it wouldn't be fair to anyone, especially me.  This is a challenge prompt that my mentor +Linda Maree Malcolm sent me, and I felt that doing it in this manner would convey the feelings that the prompt gave me.  

I actually feel a little conflicted in sharing this.  As this reveals a little bit too much of me, which is something we all try to achieve in our writing.  I just feel it reveals the weaker side of me.  Something I tend to veer away from at times.  

Well... Challenge prompt done.  I hope it meets up to my writing mentor's demands.  

I have a weird fascination with Lotus flowers, this is the second Lotus flower pic I've used on this blog.  


*picture is originally from http://lotusflowerimages.com/

Water Flowers

Pink petals blooming, parting in invitation.
Morning-dew glistening in day’s light,
Aglow in pleasure and anticipation. 
Warm air suffused with her essence.

She whispers across the lake.
Through morning fog.
Through morning chill.
A maiden-moan of perennial longing,
Look at me! (I am!)
Love me!  (I do!)

I lose myself to her beauty.
I lose myself to her scent. 
Craven hands reaching out,
Daring to touch this innocence.
To keep it for myself.
To help me forget.

I stand frozen on the shore.
Unwilling to depart to her comfort.
Loving her from afar.
Loving her the only way I know.