Monday, December 23, 2013

The Wall

Another 100 word story.  I'm close to catching up on the missed days of posting thanks to being sick, I've been going through my old 100 word stories, unfinished stories, and picked writing prompts.

It seems to me that I've hit a wall on finding a subject to write, and decided to make that into the subject for this story.  I'm sure a lot of fellow writers and bloggers can relate to this feeling.


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12/22/2013 (Sunday)- The Wall

               I lost sleep and dreams in a search for misplaced words and fragmented fantasies. 

               I opened crumpled works that lay in bins forgotten, jumbled letters and phrases hunting for that little bit of silver starlight to pour into the white oblivion of a blank page.  I feel the man on the moon watching, judging. 

               My quest always taking me back to that same imposing wall...

Do Not Pass Go,
Do Not Collect
Dusty Dreams
Stale Stories

               I turn back each time.  Going through old stories, untold dreams, and seeds of fiction—hoping to find a door through the wall.