Monday, December 23, 2013

Blue Sails

Another 100 word story.  This is actually pretty depressing as I watched the news earlier of another child committing suicide due to bullying.  In all honesty I've been through it growing up, but I had good friends and family that helped me overcome it.  Sadly not every child has that helping hand, especially in a culture where both parents work one or two jobs and end up not having enough time.  We try as friends to catch them before they fall.

I wish that more could have been done.  I wish she could have spoken up earlier before things became too much.

I wish she could have seen the better side of things.  I wish she wasn't so young.

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12/21/2013 (Saturday)- Blue Sails

               Alice was a sullen little girl. 

               They just didn’t know... 

               How each night she sailed away on blue sails to lands of fiction, to tranquil seas, to a life that used to be.  How each day she chased white rabbits with reckless abandon, chasing away bad memories, and folding torn white paper roses. 

               How each day they hurt her with sticks and stones and words.  How each night she sat in silent bruises as her parents waved it off as children playing.

               They just didn’t know why,

               She jumped through the looking glass. 

               She was escaping an old, cold world.