Friday, December 27, 2013

The Phone

Another 100 word story update (that's a little poem-ish).

This is basically how my holiday season has been, on the scant one days off that I do get I usually lose them as some people call-in sick, or (my favorite) they actually forget to put someone into the schedule.  I love my job, but it feels as though I have almost nothing to give during the days I come in.

I supposedly had nine days off, but I just got an email telling me I'll be coming in to cover someone starting Saturday.  So I lost that as well.  /sigh

This is for everyone who feels overworked and not given enough credit at their workplace.

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12/27/2013 (Friday)- The Phone

               cries like a child needing attention.
               I peek at the red-numbered digital-clock
through gummy yellowed eyes…

               …4 in the f’king morning.

               No sane person wakes another,
               at such an ungodly hour. 
               No man would inflict this
               on a hated brother,
an annoying friend,
or a beloved enemy.
               I answer, ignoring caller id.
               Not hearing the telltale sign
of the assigned ringtone bell.
               hello?  hello?  did I wake you?
               nonono you didn’t, eye usually wake at this time. (Liar Liar)
               we need you to come in, someone called-in.

               cursing at the silent phone. 
putting on dead grey-colored scrubs.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho…