Thursday, December 26, 2013

Just One Day

Another 100 word story update.

Will be busy dropping off gifts I wasn't able to drop off as I've been working, and getting sick.  I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends this holiday.

I spent too much time working this holiday, something I wish could have been spent with family and friends instead.  It couldn't be helped but I was happy that I got to spend at least a little bit of it with them when I could.


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12/26/2013 (Thursday)- Just One Day

               The older you get, the more you look for it. 

               We look forward to spending Time with family, and friends on these special little days.  An exchange of $5 gifts as friendly reminders that we’re still alive. 

               We eat ‘til we’re full of holiday food, always asking for seconds, please. 

               Carefully chosen wrapping paper torn, ribbons kept, the minutes of the holiday family dinner updated with who and what they did/say and why

               Time to pack up and leave.
               The gifts.  The luggage. 

               The goodwill—an expiration of one day.

               Too much work 365 days.
               Time is money after all.