Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fluorescent Reality

Another 100 word story (poem-ish)

I took a day trip to the Magic Kingdom to meet a friend who I haven't seen in four years.  It was a fun time, we got to really talk, joke around, update each other on what we've each been doing.  I felt bad that I had to leave later on, I'm hoping I captured it with this little writing.


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12/28/2013 (Saturday)- Fluorescent Reality

               I drove to meet a friend at an old childhood place
                              reliving memories,
               leaving reality behind just for a bit.

                              we sat, ate, talked
                                             met his wife, parents, brother
                                                            …what have you been up to?
                                             I’m not sure where I’m going,
                              what I’ve been doing.
                                             I’m a writer now, I confessed as if I’ve been hiding it like a sin.
                                                            …that’s good. 
                                                                           …that’s nice. 

                                             and then they smile.

               I took the ferry back to reality
                              yellow and pink fireworks reflected
                                             on a man-made lake
paid by fiction-and-fairies
                                             I took the ferry back
                              to the cold sterile fluorescent light of reality.