Sunday, December 1, 2013


Another 100 word story update.  This came about as we were buying necessities at Sam's Club, sorry I would have posted it earlier but we were too busy shopping around and spending time with family. 


11/30/2013 (Saturday)- Piece-meal

Ever since the local grocery was bought out by a Wholesale club, everything that Bert needed had to be bought in bulk.  There were rooms of toilet paper and ketchup at his house to be used. 

A box of cereal became a crate.  A carton of milk became a barrel.  A package of pork chop became a—well… a pig.

It wasn’t what he was expecting, but they explained to him it was cheaper in the long run rather than having to buy all the other pieces separate. 

Bert missed his local grocery.

He looked down at the pig.