Sunday, December 1, 2013

Erin Kelly on Writing

Putting up another friend's writing, that I just felt needed to be shared.  

Erin Kelly is currently earning her degree in Education over at St. Petersburg College in Florida.  Our fledgling friendship was built over the strongest of foundations:  topics on writing, and tacos.  Since then conventions, gaming, anime, books, and stickers of Pusheen the cat have been added.  She's the perfect go to reader for me, since she is also a budding writer with a keen eye and ear for words.  She just finished up the outline for her fantasy novel and will be working on it very soon.  

Enjoy this piece she wrote on writing, and hopefully I'll have more to share from her.  

Erin Kelly

The dance between pen and paper is as delicate as it is dangerous. 

The process is similar to hanging your thoughts out like laundry to dry— 

Your neighbors can see the wolf underneath your sheep’s clothing. 

One wrong step in this tango and your meaning is skewed by misperception,

And you may find yourself at the business end of sword-shaped words that buzz like hornets.

As with most things, this ballet is best when performed to the Middle Way. 

Do not overwhelm with a flood of words; interpretation is sometimes stronger than any imagery.

Do not underwhelm with a drought of silence; plant seeds in the field of your audience’s imagination.

When the scales are balanced, once the band has finished playing, everything else will fade.

Only you will remain.