Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stealing Silver

Another 100 word story update, a little bit late.  I had this all typed up last night, but it just didn't feel right, so I decided to sleep on it and see what I'd find in my dreams.  Initially it was just about clouds and shearing them like sheep, but after waking up it became a story about looking for that silver lining.  

I'll put up more stories today to make up the lack of it the past few days due to work and review.  


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11/29/2013 (Friday)- Stealing Silver

I spent days and nights chasing clouds, for I thought I’d find in them a dream.  I’d wrangle them where I could, tied them up and leashed them, as I prepared to extract their abstract silver dreams. 

I stole some from the sky, but most were dark and cold.  I nicked more from neighborhood kids, but theirs I found too bright and sweet.  The best were from the couple just across the street, for theirs were bitter-sweet dreams of love that used to be good.

I did it all for a little silver lining.

I did it all for dreams.