Monday, December 16, 2013

Nyquil Nightmares

Another 100 word story update.  Sorry for the late stories, I'm still covering double shifts and it looks like I picked up the cold somewhere along my constant work days.  

This happens to me every time I take nyquil to help sleep better when I'm sick, everything just starts spinning and I kick everything off the bed (myself included!).  

I know I'm catching up (again), but my focus last night was rest after a double shift.  I haven't even had time to do any christmas shopping for family yet... or more importantly... watch The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug!  

Hope everyone is feeling the holiday spirit, and that you're all not sick and getting ready for work like me.  


...and yeah, this picture perfectly sums up my mood last night.  

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12/15/2013 (Sunday)- Nyquil Nightmares

               I was losing my grip on reality faster than a fatty giving up a diet. 

               A supposedly good idea, now a f-cking nightmare. 

               I grip the corner of my bed trying not to fall off as it spins in the spaces of my drug-addled mind, a bevy of nightmares and dreams rush past me.  I tighten my grip thinking it’ll keep me from flying away to whatever Oz-like wasteland my mind had in store for me. 

               Take a double dose of Nyquil, they said. 

               You’ll feel better, they said.

               I scream as a yellow-sick brick road appears below my bed.