Sunday, December 15, 2013


Another 100 word story update, sorry got out of work midnight working an extra shift.

Sadly I will not be participating in +Adrianna Joleigh and +David Kent Christmas competition.  My story isn't ready for it, I'll put it up for everyone to read and enjoy.  Good luck to those who are sending in their entries for it.

This little 100 story came up while I was trying to sleep last night and wondering what story I can come up with a title 'Dreamless.'  It's ok, it really feels more like a reflection than anything--and a prophecy, since I just got called in to cover someone who called in sick (again).


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12/14/2013 (Saturday)- Dreamless

               I waited for dreams last night.
               Things that fly and swim, colors to paint and play, an escape from a gray sky day. 

               I toss and turned, pulled up covers, fluffed pillows, and yet… dreams did not come. 

               So I stayed up and reflected, did I do something to chase dreams away?  Was I too overworked and thus too stressed for dreams to play?  Was I too exhausted from finals and projects for dreams to come and stay?              

               So I worried all night, ‘til sleep finally came.

               All I had were hollow, empty dreams.

               ...waking to another gray sky day.