Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Another late 100 word story, slowly catching up.  Sorry real life getting in the way of things.  

Celebrated my maternal grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary tonight, they're talking about having a big celebration for the 75th and I'm hoping that they'll both make it for that.  

This story came about when a friend shared me a few foreign words that don't have an exact English word translation.  I felt that mangata (swede) would make a fun story as it means: The road-like reflection of the moon on water.  Plus being in Florida I do get to see the ocean a lot, so this is my way of celebrating ocean life, I guess?  

I'll put up another story soon, just adding more words and editing.  


12/09/2013 (Monday)- Mangata

               I walk a yellow road tonight with ocean waves lapping at my feet.  The top of their white crests waving good-night as they slowly dip back down to the wet blackness of the ocean as her misty salt kisses brush my lips and skin. 

               I walk a yellow road tonight with sirens singing faintly from a distance.  Their love-songs tinged red by passion mixing with the soft gentle midnight-blue sighs of ocean waves. 

               I walk a yellow shimmering road laid brick by brick by the incandescent moon, tremulous footfalls walking me to the end...

               Of dreams.

               Of sleep.

               Of life.