Wednesday, December 11, 2013

An Awkward Sobremesa

Another 100 word story update.  Trying something new and experimenting.  Slowly catching up to the late date stories.  Another word similar to Mangata (Swede) that doesn't have a direct English word translation for it.

Sobremesa (spanish)- the time spent after lunch or dinner, talking to the people you shared the meal with.


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12/10/2013 (Tuesday)- An Awkward Sobremesa

               “How’s work?” I asked, placing my spoon and fork at the five o’clock position on a near-empty dinner-plate waiting for the waitress. 

               “Christmas.  Snowbirds.  Y’know?” she replied.

               “Preaching to the choir,” I said, folding the cloth napkin back to its original shape. 

               “It’s different for you.  You’re far away from bedside and patient interaction, squirreled away in a sterile—“

               “We’re just as busy,” I interrupted.  “We don’t deal with just 6-7 patients like a nurse, we handle every patient.”

               “—look I’m just saying.  We’re both different.  Sometimes…”


               “How’s work?” she sighed while playing with her untouched food.