Thursday, December 26, 2013

Long Distance Greeting

Another 100 word story update.

Spent the morning dropping off some last-minute gifts and food (for my mother's work), then went straight to the hospital for yet another exciting 12-hour shift.  Thankfully it wasn't that bad, minus the fact that we had a lot of children in the ER (mostly because they didn't bother reading instructions on their new toys, and tube socks with coins apparently are still popular).

It didn't feel very Christmas-y to me until I got a long distance call from my cousin in the Philippines that went straight to my voicemail since I was too busy to answer.  Definitely the high point of Christmas for me.  The best gift I could have gotten (not counting Powerball/Lotto winning numbers).

This little bit of poetry is dedicated to family and friends I haven't been able to spend time with.


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12/25/2013 (Wednesday)- Long Distance Greeting

               ‘twas like any other day,
an empty house,
family out and about as I put on my scrubs.


               Working for my bread. 
               Spending yet another holiday at work, seeing red. 
               Eyes tired, legs dragging, back bent. 
               I was on autopilot,
the whole day spent:
               answering phones, questioning my sanity,
pondering time’s ponderous movement. 

               My eyelids grew heavy, as my eyes grew misty,
               Wondering about family abroad. 
               My phone rings.  Can’t talk. 
               Too busy working for bread-crumbs. 
               checking voicemail...

               ... My only break...  

               Merry Christmas, miss you,  love you

               The world doesn’t feel so cold.
               The heart doesn’t feel so old.