Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hail Mary

Another 100 word story, spent time volunteering at the rehab/nursing home I used to work a few days back.  This came up as I watched one of the patients praying in her room, not ready to go to the little dining hall to join everyone else and eat.  It was a little bit sad as she was one of the many that had no visitors that day.

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12/29/2013 (Sunday)- Hail Mary

               She sits praying her rosary. 

               A ritual, a comfort, a sigh. 

               The ticks of the old wooden beads like seconds of a clock as she whispers each Hail Mary, giving up time to her faith and prayers.  A prayer for good health, one for family’s success and prosperity, and one hoping that her only son would visit.

               It’s been a long hard life. 

               A knock at the door, a nurse checking-in, leaving.  Never staying long. 

               She returns to her wooden rosary, brown beads and prayers trickling like sands down an hour-glass.  Not much left.  The prayer almost done.