Monday, December 30, 2013


Another 100 word story (poem-ish, again), an extra story, since I owe you guys for always being late.  I thought it apt calling it chaser since I'm putting it up pretty much at the end of the 12/29/2013 almost.

I thought I'd have a little fun with this one.  I hope you enjoy reading it back and forth.


*picture is originally from


it started as a way out: an escape
from man-made mistakes,
from nightmares taken shape,
from bad-news daily-breaks.

…burnin’ down my throat
like a confession of the sweetest SiN,
with the kick of a real m’therf’cker,
a slap in the face
makin’ it all go downhill

one shot.
a pinch-of-salt
makes the medicine
go down~
makes the medicine
go down~

Square one. 
I teach the bartender: The Blame Game
I blame everyONE,
but me. 
You just need a little more drink,
I swear that’s what he said. 
Make all your problems go away.

I walk-in, a backward kinda day.