Friday, December 6, 2013

Good-bye Tata

Another 100 word update.  Not a story, but I felt that I needed to write this down.  

Nelson Mandela is one of the few people I hope to emulate in life.  The values that he fought for, and his service to his fellow countrymen is something that has left me in awe of him.  You can feel the strength of his spirit in his speeches.  

This is a dedication to a great man.  


I figured since this is a dedication in 100 words, I cannot add this to my 100 word storytelling.  A proper 100 word story will be up after I come back from my morning shift today.  

Good-bye Tata

               I heard the news at work.  Something inside fell apart.  I was hollow throughout the day.  

               You don’t know me.  I am neither African by blood or by land of birth. 

               But you taught me. 

               Your life taught me to value a freedom you lost for 27-years fighting for equality in an apartheid government.  Your life defined what courage meant to a boy, a courage defined by silent humility and non-violence.
               Your life.  Your work.  Your words.

               They will never be forgotten.  They will continue to live on in our hearts, Madiba. 

               I will do my best to live them.