Saturday, December 7, 2013

Raising Ritalin

Another 100 word story update.  This actually came from a title I wanted to work around involving Glass Stories/Children, wasn't sure how I wanted to do it.  So I lay down and played with my dog for a bit, and saw this book on ADHD Studies and Medication under my bed.

Boom.  I just had to write it down after, and edit it.

We live in a society that believes that there's a magic pill for everything.  There isn't.  Everything takes time, including raising children.

Since I hit 10k views a few days back, the big announcement:  I'll be putting up a collection of my stories on Amazon (will edit and pick out 100 of the good ones), all profit from the sales will go to helping rebuild the homes destroyed by Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  I've donated some money to Red Cross, being a working student I couldn't send much.  None of the pictures I've used on my blog will be in it however, since I don't own the rights to them.  Will update more about it later on.

Enjoy this late 100 word story.  Don't worry I'm still playing around with Glass Stories/Children.

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12/05/2013 (Thursday)- Raising Ritalin

               He was a joy. A miracle.

               Their little baby boy. 

               Everything he did was a delight.  Every game he played.  Every laugh, smile, and squeal. 

               Then they began seeing his little pleasures as differences.  His usual impish games and play seen as impulsivity, his boisterous laughter and little delighted dances as hyperactivity, his daydreaming of clouds and stories as inattentiveness. 

               He wasn’t like every other little boy.  He was different from them. 

               So they gave him a pill. 

               Now he’s like every other little boy.  Normal.  Attentive. 

               A delight.

               Yet, they wonder… why doesn’t he smile, laugh, or dance anymore?