Thursday, December 5, 2013


Another 100 word story update.  This story came up as I was going through old stories, and I thought I'd visit more mythology, this time around being Egyptian lore.  

The weighing of the heart ceremony determines where your soul will head to in the after life, if it's heavier (due to sins and such) your soul will be devoured by Ammit (part crocodile-lion-hippo hybrid, if I remember right).  I think I remembered it right, was too lazy to google/wiki it, as it is slowly approaching the 2 a.m. mark here in Florida.  Been up studying, finishing up the review for +Dyane Forde's book (finally! sorry for the late post on that), and deciding on what to write about.  

I hope you enjoy this little comedic take on Egyptian mythology.  

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12/04/2013 (Wednesday)- Anubis

               “So, if my heart is heavier than that ostrich feather…”

               Your soul will be devoured by Ammit.  Devourer of the Dead.  Eater of Hearts.

               “That overly large crocodile…thing behind you?  The one licking its lips?”

               Yes.  Oh.  Don’t worry, the feather we use is very heavy.  (Back up Ammit, you’re scaring the poor fellow!)

               “Oh.  Well.  Good to know, I guess?  Not many souls eaten then?”

               Well~ ever since the advent of internet porn, let’s just say not very many men have passed since then.  Never know, you might be the lucky one to break the streak! 

               “Oh.  Well.  Shit.”