Monday, December 30, 2013

End of the Year

Another 100 word story update (poem-ish) kind of thing again.  I've been watching some documentaries on writers and poets, and also Ted Talks on creativity to help uncork my writer's block.  It's helped, but I think it's more of the books I've picked up really.  Dedicating most of my time reading Kafka's short stories and finding how surreal some of it is and how connected I feel to it at certain parts.

This came up as something I wanted to do with homonyms and Eyes/Aye/I.


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12/30/2013 (Monday)- End of the Year

               I took my bottles of white-tears and red-fears,
               my brown boxed-up resolutions
untouched yellowed-list of personal changes. 
                              and make more promises
                                             yet again,
                                                            yet again
                              Aye, I cried to an empty room,
               my foibles and tardy offenses echoing:
                              a list that grows,
                              a man-child unchanged,
               on time ill spent.
                              a box of un-chased opportunities,
                              a bottle emptied to forget,
               on memories of regret.
                                             yet again,
                                                            yet again

               Eye-to-eye with my bottled reflection,
                                                                                          I asked it
                                                            What now?  What now?
                                             Where do we go now?
                              and all that
               get are silent replies, as
               open another bottle of tears.