Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ashtray Soliloquy

Another 100 word story, I'll be caught up soon.  Just been busy trying to scramble for last minute Christmas shopping and errands before I return to work and my crazy shift of no weekends off.


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12/20/2013 (Friday)- Ashtray Soliloquy

               I watch her sift through her break-up clutter: cut up pictures, torn up letters, open bottles of wine.  It’s only been a month, she said earlier, I’ll be better soon.  Promise. 

               I light another cigarette waiting, filling an already overflowing ashtray with discarded minutes.  Orange dying embers turning gray like unwanted memories. 

               She walks back over with an overfilled metal trash bin.  Eyes hard.  Lips quivering. 

               “I need your lighter.  Please,” she asks in a polite fragile way.

               I hand it to her without protest, without question. 

               I watch her burn memories. 

               I watch her erase the moments with me.