Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Another 100 word storytelling.  Puzzles and memories, my two favorite things.  It's true, I feel like I get a piece completing my puzzle-story as time goes on.  Meeting new friends, going to new places, achieving things I only used to dream about.  

With this piece I'm finally not a day late, and after finals and projects this week I won't have any excuse at all for my procrastinating habits!  

I'm about to hit 10k views on this blog which has been up since August, which is pretty exciting for me.  To know that there are that many people enjoying and sharing my works (although there are some that don't and do voice it), I plan on revealing something special... as soon as I'm done editing it up a bit.  

I'll also be posting a review on +Dyane Forde's wonderful book Purple Morrow (after exams!).  I promise no spoilers... but go buy it because I might blurt out some stuff in the review.  If I do... sorry.  The Devil made me do it.  Temptation is too strong.  

Enjoy this little 100 word story!  Now I'm off to dive into Physics 2 final review.  

12/03/2013 (Tuesday)- Bits and Pieces

I picked up the pieces of myself from the floor.

Little bits of life I’ve collected from experiences, family, friends, and failures.  Put together, they’d tell you a story of who I am and who I might become.

A smiling piece to share.  A laughing piece there.  A crying child here.

All of them a color to this blank slate of mine—one just like yours.  Our interlocking tabs and pockets similar yet at the same time very different.  It’s why we feel so connected.

Despite our shared differences.

I continued picking up pieces of myself.

Looking for my story.